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Adoption Miracles LLC is a licensed adoption agency in Tampa, Florida. We provide couples from all over the United States a place to start a family or expand their families through our adoption agencies. We have dedicated professionals who facilitate a supportive environment with a personalized adoption plan for both birth parents and adoptive parents alike. The choice to become parents and explore the world of adoption is probably one of the most difficult decisions that you will make in your life. We have the experience an expertise to empathize and understand what you are going through, as we have been there ourselves. We are available to support you through this difficult and exciting process you are about to begin. We provide a compassionate approach that feels like you are part of our extended family and promote a working relationship that meets everyone's needs in the adoption process.The goal of Adoption Miracles is to provide comprehensive adoption planning, placement, and counseling services to all members of the adoption triad. This includes birth parents, who may be experiencing a crisis pregnancy and have no one to turn to for support and guidance; prospective adoptive parents, who may have experienced the pain and disappointment of infertility and need understanding and compassion in this next step to becoming parents; and some families who just want to open their hearts and home to a child whose parents are not ready to be parents. Whatever the reason, Adoption Miracles wants to help you build Your family through adoption. No child is ever turned away no matter what the circumstances are or the choices the birth mother made during pregnancy because we believe that for every child, there is a family waiting. We will provide you with all the background information about your birth parents and medical history that we can obtain from them to help you make the best decision about the new addition to your family. We have an open door policy about communication between all parties involved in the adoption process, while also maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality. We believe that every child deserves a loving, permanent family no matter what their race or mother’s background. We recognize that not all people are alike, so we set flexible guideline about how your adoption should proceed. We feel our adoptions are most successful when we allow the people involved to give input about the adoption process. As a result, most of our adoptions are semi-open, by meeting with their birth parents, spending time at the hospital before they have to say goodbye, and remaining in contact through pictures and updates; And know that you gave your baby a life that you could not provide for them. Others are closed with no contact. We know finding the right adoption professional is a difficult decision. We ask you to check us out before you make your decision. We ask you to check us out before you make your decision. We believe you will see the difference from the first phone call. You can e-mail or call us today; we want to build your family.