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We could not have been happier with our adoption through Adoption Miracles. Both Renee and Kristina went out of their way to match us with a wonderful birth-mom and make the waiting and birth experiences as smooth as possible. They kept in touch with us throughout the pregnancy and made what was a necessarily stressful period much easier. When our beautiful daughter arrived a little early, their concern for both us and the birth-mom was obvious. We think this made the placement process much more comfortable for all of us. We will be forever grateful for their role in bringing us our wonderful Hazel Rose.

Billy and Heather

Sharina and Renee with Adoption Miracles have been wonderful to work with. From the very start of our adoption journey, we were given great counseling and guidance, and all matters were handled promptly and with great attention to detail. With their help we were given the most wonderful gift of a beautiful baby boy who has completely transformed our lives for the better.

Bruce and Ana

The staff at Adoption Miracles had the perfect balance of professionalism and compassion. Their dedication to the Birthmom and the Adoptive Parent was clear. Thank you so much for helping us through the adoption process… We will be forever grateful.

Cami and family