For birthparents, putting toddler up for adoption is never an easy decision. The emotional attachment coupled with the financial burden can become too overwhelming for the parents to take this step. It is only under extreme circumstances that the parents will be willing to part with their own flesh and blood.

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However, with the help of Adoption Miracles LLC, the journey for birthparents and adoptive parents becomes much easier. We assist both the parties with complete adoption information right from understanding the pros and cons, acquainting them with the entire procedure and legal formalities involved, along with the due consideration that is needed for the birthparents. This helps them ease their worries to a large extent. The professionals involved in the process have been helping parents around Florida and the rest of the country in welcoming a toddler in their home.

The agency provides a variety of services to ensure the success of your adoption by handholding you through the entire process. Right from the correct adoption information to placement assistance after the process, Adoption Miracles LLC gives you a supportive environment all the way through. We not only work compassionately with adoptive parents but with birthmothers and birthparents as well, who are looking at placing their kids for adoption. The case management differs from family to family, however, the bottom line remains in same- care and support to both sets of parents.

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