Who is the Best Adoption Agency in Florida?

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Choosing to adopt a child is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. It is wondrous. It is exciting. And it can also be uncertain and worrisome. After all, this is a life changing decision for you, the child, and the birth-mother.  You may be asking the question, “What is the best Adoption Agency in Florida?”

The better question is, “What is the best Adoption Agency in Florida FOR ME?”

Of course you want to make sure that you work with professionals who will guide you through the process…compassionate and caring individuals who can empathize with your anxiety and rejoice with you as you welcome the newest member of your family. 

Big or Small?

There are big agencies and small agencies.  Agencies that specialize in international adoptions or private adoptions.  Therefore, choosing the best adoption agency in Florida for you requires that you ask yourself some questions.  For example,  if you are looking for an intimate experience, you want to work with a small agency that deals with a couple of birth mothers at a time.  This means that both you, and the birth mother receive the emotional support needed to prepare for the transition into parenthood.  You’ll never feel like a number or that your questions are bothersome. In Florida among the dozens of adoption agencies in business, the one that can best ease your mind and handle your case with dignity and integrity is Adoption Miracles. In fact, we stand out nationally among the 3,000 organizations that currently work to place babies and children with loving parents. Why? Our licensed social workers, family therapists and caseworkers work in concert to counsel both parents and birth mothers.  We are a small agency so you’ll never be in a position where your case is shuffled to a new person you don’t know.

Is the Birth-Mother a Priority?

Another question to ask when choosing the best adoption agency in Florida for you is, “How do they care for the birth-mother?”  The birth mother is the singular most important piece in the adoption puzzle.  Often, these brave women are in less than desirable circumstances and require financial, medical, and counseling services.  Still, despite their fears and circumstances, when these women choose to bless another family with a future child, they become heros, and should be treated as such. We work to ensure that the outcome of the adoption plan is happy and successful for both parties involved, no matter what the circumstance. With a strong placement service and the ability to find or work with pre-existing birth mothers, our staff is there for you 24/7 as guides, encouragers, educators and counselors.

What Legal Matters Need to be Handled?

In addition to the social and emotional stresses of the placement process, the practical considerations are daunting, as well. That’s why at Adoption Miracles, our staff is well versed in the legal requirements of the state of Florida and can ensure that your adoption process will be as seamless and stress-free as possible from beginning to end. Our agency prides itself on understanding logistics and legalities ranging from the difference between an open or closed scenario, tax exemption, medical expenses, right to privacy, post-birth support and counseling for families as well as birth mothers. We’ll also help you sort out the important ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) paperwork required for each case, which enables the legal movement of children across state lines. Is Adoption Miracles the best adoption agency in Florida for you?  If you are looking for a small agency with expertise in family law, social work, counseling and rehabilitation that can take care of both the emotional and the professional side of adoption, while you—as a birth mother or as new parent—focus on starting a new life. Then the answer may be yes.  Give is a call and let our miracle workers help you today.