The COVID Baby Bust: How the Pandemic has Affected Private Adoption

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The COVID Baby Bust: How the Pandemic has Affected Private Adoption Rene Haslnik from Adoption Miracles in Tampa, FL has spent over a decade connecting women facing unplanned pregnancies with couples looking to support a birth mom and adopt the child.  She has always felt that her mission was to support life and help make […]

Birth moms are Good Moms

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Every birthmother’s story is different, but they all have one thing in common:
Birth Moms are GOOD MOMS!

Everything You Need to Know About Placing a Baby for Adoption

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What You Should Know About Placing a Baby for Adoption If you need to place your baby up for adoption, here’s what you need to know. Placing a baby for adoption can be a difficult task. There are many different options out there and finding the right adoption agency can be stressful. Adoption Miracles is […]

Private Adoption Agencies

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Private Adoption Agencies A private adoption is an adoption arranged without any government or state involvement. The birth mom is voluntarily seeking a family to whom she can gift her child. Private adoption agencies focus on three things, the baby, the prospective parents and especially the birth mother. At Adoption Miracles, we see the birth mother as the one […]

Pregnant Help

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PREGNANT HELP IN FLORIDA If you are pregnant and need help in Florida understanding your options is important. If you are a facing the challenges and concerns of an unplanned pregnancy and you cannot rely on the support of friends or family, then you may feel like you are out of options. That’s not true […]

Unplanned Pregnancy Options

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If you are in a unplanned pregnancy situation – you have options Adoption Miracles understands that unplanned pregnancies are scary, but no matter the situation you are in in, your health and your baby are our top priority.   Our adoption services aim to ease any stress during the pregnancy, as well as helping unplanned pregnant mothers find […]