Thinking of putting child up for adoption? You have come to the right place


It is not easy putting child up for adoption. We know the choices that you, as birth parents or birth mom, are faced with while making this decision. It can be financially tough times to facing an unplanned pregnancy or even a teenage pregnancy, there are different ways that you can approach good adoptive families to consider adopting your child.

putting child up for adoption

Adoption Miracles works very closely with birth parents, adoptive families as well as foster homes to enable a transparent relationship. We understand the hard decision that looms far over your head when you think about putting child up for adoption. However, with the right guidance and information, you can actually enable a smooth transition of giving up your child and placing him/her in the custody of a qualified and loving adoptive family. There are a lot of questions that may pop into your head- the decision to actually take this step, the future of your baby, the upbringing, your time with him/her, and much more. Our child-care experts fully understand your situation and help you get all the counselling and guidance required in order to ensure a better life for your baby. We cannot say that we do not empathize with you, but we also know what will be good for your baby.

With a lot of loving homes ready to expand their family or start a new family, we enable birth moms in putting child up for adoption, making it less stressful.