Considering a direct placement adoption?

directed placement adoption

There is nothing more beautiful than to welcome a new baby in your home. A desire that many have, but few get an opportunity to fulfil it. Adoption Miracles LLC, a licensed child-placing agency in Tampa, Florida, has been providing couples with from across United States with a chance to fulfil their dream of starting or expanding their family. With direct placement adoption, the birth mother can choose the family she wishes to place her child with.


In this adoption, the initial contact is created between the adoptive parents and birth mother through an adoption attorney or through an adoption community. Once they begin with the process, we provided them with complete guidance through their adoption journey to ensure that all formalities are completed before the baby arrives.


As your direct placement adoption consultant, we advise you with all the pros and cons of the process and help you fill out


  1. The paperwork that is required before the baby is born.
  2. Alternatives to the adoption process.
  3. Risks involved if the birth parents decide not to part with the baby once he/she is born. That includes losing the attorney fees and the expenses covered for the birth mother.
  4. As much of medical and social history from each parent as possible.
  5. Prepare the preplacement assessment (shorter than a home study) of the adoptive home.
  6. Help you check the parental rights of the birth father.
  7. Help you to welcome a member once all the documentation of the preplacement assessment is given to the birth mother or birth parents.


With a detailed process consultation, Adoption Miracles LLC helps parents to welcome their beautiful child home!