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What services do Adoption Miracles provide?

Adoption Miracles is a licensed Florida adoption agency that has provided child-placing services for 20 year to families looking to build their family through adoption. We are a full service agency that provides services to birthparents and prospective adoptive parents with compassion. We can assist adoptive parents with homestudies, profiles, and finding their birth mother. We also have a legal team that will complete the process after placement.

What goes into creating an adoption plan for a baby?

Your adoption plan is created to ensure that you're in control of all the choices you want for your baby. We understand that this is a difficult situation that needs to be handled with trust and guidance. Our staff provides case management and counseling services to help you with other services during your pregnancy and afterwards like; Medicaid, living expenses, transportation, clothing, housing expenses, doctor appointments and other services you may need. You will be able to meet and select the adoptive parents and build a wonderful relationship that will make you feel comfortable with your decision of adoption.

Will I receive post adoption picture updates?

After your baby goes to their forever family, you will receive photos and written updates about how your baby is doing through an online service that will keep you connected for 18 years.