How to Choose the Right adoption agency?

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Adoption is an extremely personal decision. Mothers and couples spend a lot of time thinking about choosing the “right” adoption agency. Choosing the right agency increases the chances that you will have a positive experience during this often stressful time.

Experts at Adoption Miracles, a renowned adoption agency in florida, are here to give you a few tips to help you approach adoption is an informed way:

1. Do Your Research

There are more than a thousand adoption agencies in Florida. Proper research is needed for filtering through the numerous options. Browse the internet and look for reviews from people who have used the services of the agency you are researching. Also, you need to carefully read the services offered and whether they measures up to your expectations and needs. For instance, Adoption Miracles in Tampa, uses a holistic approach that would benefit the baby, the birth mother and the adoptive family.

     – How long has the agency been in operation?

     – Do they put emphasis on each member of the adoption process?

     – Are they taking care of the birth moms? (Healthy mom = healthy baby)

     – Do you feel comfortable talking with the adoption counselors?

     –  Are there testimonials available online?

2. Know What You Want: 

Adoption is a personal choice and the needs differ from person to person. While some couples opt for an open adoption where the birth mother can keep contact with the child through papers or in-person meetings, others prefer a closed adoption where the information of the mother is kept confidential. You should feel comfortable discussing every option with your adoption counselor.

     – Are you looking for an Open or Closed Adoption?

     –  What services are available for birth moms?

     –  What forms of communication are you most comfortable with?

At Adoption Miracles, one of the most reputed adoption agencies in florida, we understand that this is an emotional process and will try to handle it with sensitivity to make it as comfortable as possible to everyone involved.

Let us help.

We understand that emotions can be running high when facing an unplanned pregnancy and often times, you want to talk to someone outside of normal business hours. For this reason, we are available to any birthparents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we cannot answer immediately due to confidentiality reasons, please leave a voicemail and we will call you back!