Florida Infant Adoption

infant adoption in Florida

Florida infant adoption is an interesting situation as a family adopts a baby rather than a young child. It requires much of the same paperwork and responsibilities but also involves communication with the birthmother. In some cases, the birthmother isn’t interested in communication before or after the birth. On the other hand, some birthmothers would appreciate letters and pictures of the child once they’ve given them to the prospective parents. These factors can be discussed during the process of selecting a family for the baby to go to. However, before that happens, you need to find an agency that can assist you with this process and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


Our main focus throughout these proceedings is to the birthmother and her child. In most cases, the birthmother is a young woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy and requires emotional, financial and medical assistance as she faces difficult decisions. We step in and provide that assistance while also helping her to find the right family to adopt the child.



Infant Adoption In Florida

Before you contact us, you should learn about some of the things that we can do to help you along this process of infant adoption in Florida:


Helping birthmothers: We understand how difficult and challenging of an experience this can be for birthmothers. You are faced with tough decisions and you need help whether it’s medical expenses, traveling, counseling or something else. We are here to help and that goes beyond the time you are pregnant. We assist these young women in getting back to school, finding a career and getting the emotional support they will need to help them live happy and healthy lives after this experience is over.


Helping prospective parents: Whenever you are trying to adopt an infant there are several things you need to do and prove before the process can begin and you can be considered as a qualified candidate. This includes gathering all important documents that are required, conducting the home study, getting background checks and reference letters as well as completing anything that needs to be done that will prove your ability to love and provide for a child.



Adoption Agencies In Florida

When you are going through the process of selecting adoption agencies in Florida, you should look for someone that can help you along the way throughout this process, provide you with the best service and has years of experience working with families in Tampa as well as throughout the state. We talk about help a lot and that’s because you are going to need help in this process whether you are the birthmother or a prospective parent. That’s because this is something you have little experience and handling and you want a trusted and reliable person to count on who can assist you in each area of this process from qualifying as or selecting a reliable family, discussing terms of communication and more.


Adoption Miracles specializes in Florida infant adoption where we help the birthmothers with not only finding a loving family to give a child to, but also ensure that they are provided for when it comes to medical expenses, counseling, traveling and more. This is not a situation where you will give the baby up to a family and then you no longer have any support. We work with birthmothers’ months and even years after where they are provided counseling and even put in job placement programs to help them find a career and improve their lives. If you are ready to learn more about our role in this process or what you need to do to get started, contact us today.