Jennifer HAP

MAY 2021

We are so grateful for Renee and Alyce over at Adoption Miracles. The agency has a personal touch and we were so fortunate to have both of these wonderful ladies as part of our adoption journey. It’s obvious from the very beginning that Adoption Miracle’s value and cherish their expectant moms as well as their adoptive families. Renee has so much knowledge and insight into this world and I was so touched when she took time to chat with me and my husband for over an hour about all things from raising twins to some helpful tips and tricks we can take on our parenting journey. She even helped us during discharge in the late evening. Renee gave me some helpful guidance on how to get babies situated and comfortable into their car seats as efficiently as possible which I’ve used every single time since. Alyce has a kind heart and a warm soul and she is so passionate about all the people that make up the adoption triad. I love that Adoption Miracles stays connected to their APs and EM’s as they grow through milestones, it shows how invested they are in their families. Any questions we had were just a text message or phone call away. It’s very rare in the adoption world to have that kind of direct line with the people who are responsible for your adoption journey. 

Adoption Miracles couldn’t have a more perfect name for an agency. What they do on a daily basis is truly a miracle. It’s not easy matching expectant moms with families and navigating the relationships between all parties but Adoption Miracles performs this with such ease and grace. They work day in and day out, nights, weekends, holidays always putting their EM’s and Adoptive Families first. It’s obvious they know how important a role they play in building families and creating miracles. They are the angels that make those miracles happen and I am so grateful to have both Renee and Alyce as the guiding light toward our two beautiful miracle girls. You will be hard-pressed to find a more invested, caring, personable, and knowledgeable agency than Adoption Miracles.

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