400,000. It’s the size of a large city. In fact, it’s more than the population of Tampa. But did you know that’s how many children are currently in foster care throughout the U.S.? Of these kids, one-fourth are waiting for adoption. If your heart is pulling you toward starting or expanding your family by opening your home to a child in need of love, you need to consider agencies that empathize. Throughout Florida hundreds of happy new parents have chosen Adoption Miracles, to guide them through this magical process. From the start, a caring and experienced staff works with each prospective parent to find the right birth mother match or carry out the wishes of a couple who has already found a birth mother they want to work with. From legal considerations to emotional concerns, our licensed team is there for you from the time you meet the birth mother to the happy union of parent and baby.

The countless testimonials about the stellar reputation of our adoption agency speak volumes about our success stories in Florida. “We cannot be happier with our experience.” “We were given great counseling and guidance.” “The perfect balance of professionalism and compassion.” “[Our] beautiful baby boy has transformed our lives for the better.” In every instance, an outpouring of emotion, a heart of gratitude and wonderful union of parent and child make each case special and every journey worth the time and effort of our compassionate staff.

Not only is a reputable placement organization important for prospective parents, it is also crucial for the well-being of the birth mother. Statistics show that only 4% of unwanted pregnancies result in adoption. A caring agency like Adoption Miracles, is essential to show birth mothers that there are options that result in common good. In Florida we have helped hundreds of birth mothers manage this difficult process with dignity. We support their medical needs, transportation costs and mental health as they navigate the experience and work toward a successful outcome for their baby, the baby’s new family and their own future. Contact us today to make your dream a reality.