Giving Baby Up For Adoption At Birth


There is nothing more distressful than giving baby up for adoption at birth. We understand that birth moms have to make a tough choice of either raising the baby herself or letting another trustworthy family take care of it. At Adoption Miracles, we help the birth moms transition from their roles of giving birth to placing their child in the safety of another family’s home.

giving baby up for adoption at birth

There are many adoptive families in the country who are unable to begin their family due to a medical issue or because they want to expand their family and welcome a new member home. In order to help birth moms in giving baby up for adoption at birth, we connect both the sides, after keeping their preferences in mind to enable a smooth conversation and transition. Being concerned about an infant is every mothers right and it is valid because she fears the worst and best for her child. However, at Adoption Miracles, we take both the parties through extensive counselling and guidance sessions in order to ensure that they are absolutely firm in their decision of adoption. This helps them to make an informed unbiased decision, completely in support of each other. Getting to know the family and learning all that they have to offer a new child helps the birth mom to be reassured of her choice. This helps in creating a stronger bond between the child and his/her adoptive family.

If you are looking at giving baby up for adoption, connect with Adoption Miracles to know every detail about the process, today!