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Not knowing what the future holds may post to be a concern while placing the baby for adoption. It is not easy to part with your own flesh and blood, however, the right steps with the right information can help you both enjoy a better life.

placing the child for adoption

As a birth mom, if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or if you are going through financially tough times, you doubt you cannot give your child the life that he/she deserves. This concern is viable considering that he/she is yet to explore this beautiful world. But with the help of Adoption Miracles, placing the child for adoption with prospective adoptive families makes the journey a little smoother. We fully comprehend your inhibitions in approaching adoption agencies, however, with a successful list of clients and a number of national and international child placements, we have grown to become a favored agency by many adoptive families. We take into consideration every aspect of your terms and conditions and connect you directly with the adoptive family to gauge whether your child will be in safe hands. We thoroughly vet all the families who are looking at adopting a child and understand their complete background before approaching birth mothers. This help in finding the right fitment and home for the child.

With constant guidance and support, placing the child for adoption becomes slightly easier with the right information. We provide you with all the backing you need, before and after an adoption, enabling a transparent placement process.